dōTERRA Essential Oils

I love working with essential oils and have for years. Sadly many oils sold as essential oils are not pure. They may contain fillers or even artificial scents. This will take away from any therapeutic benefits of the oils.

If you are using oils for on your skin or internally (be careful only certain ones are safe internally) you want the best quality pure essential oils.  Oils that are sourced from the plant’s natural habitat.

I personally used to use whatever oils I could find with out much thought about it.  Until I went on a hunt for a certain scent. I had a friend selling dōTERRA so she got me a bottle.  The price was higher but the quality was divine. The products I made using it turned out fantastic and a couple drops went a long way! I’m hooked.

So much I decided to join her as a distributor. After the first week I already had a team started!   I welcome you to have a look at my dōTERRA essential oils site and see if there are any oils you would like or if you are interested in the income opportunity.

Check out this video that explains the quality of dōTERRA essential oils.

dōTERRA Essential Oils

dōTERRA Essential Oils

Enchanting & Enhancing Your Life!
Rev. Rayvin Nyte


I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been busy on other people projects and just life in general.  But I just got a message from Cabby Ken He said “Be careful what you ask 4…Don’t be sick anymore..Please.” And pointed to my blog.  And I had been sick a few times over the winter since leaving that as my last post.

Well I am not sick.  I am feally healthy and changed and ready tune up for new spring projects.  I restarted eating 98% raw vegan on March 1 and as of this morning I had released 4 lbs! (yep 4 lbs in one day!) I’ve been meeting new interesting people and connecting with past amazing friends.  Life is great.

Bring on the spring!!

Sudbury News – Circus coming to Sudbury

FREE Circus tickets came across my desk today.  I thought “I wish I could take my kids to a circus.” I’ve taken them once when they were very little and I was devastated by the sickly animals that looked in pain.   So I vowed never to take them to a circus with animals again. In fact I’ve even protested agaist the use of animals in circuses.

Whenever a circus comes to town I make a phone call. “Hello, are there animals in your circus? Oh I’m sorry I can’t support it.”  So this year the same thing.  After Googling the name I was able to find a phone number and to my delight the response was “This is an animal free Circus!!!”   I was so excited!  Kids we are going to the circus!

That's me on the far left.

That's me on the far left.

Sudbury News – Circus coming to Sudbury.

Circus coming to Sudbury

Date Published | May 6, 2009

Posted by Sudbury Northern Life

Circus Garden (Formerly Garden Bros. Circus) will hit the Sudbury Arena May 12, treating audiences to a mix of old and new.

For the first time, no animals will be used in the performance. The show will include a motorcycle on a high-wire, five mortorcycles in a death-defying “Ball of Doom,” gravity-defying acrobatics and the ever popular “wheel of destiny.”

The brand new show, dubbed as “Cirque meets the streets,” has a whole new style.

The show has been billed as “Largest Three Ring Circus in Canada” for more than 70 years and has adapted many acts to please modern day audiences. In moving away from the traditional “lions, tigers and bears,” Circus Garden is showing there is more to the exhibition than elephant rides or a “dog and pony” show.

Zoom Street is a heart pounding, non-stop thrill ride of death defying acts, all bound together with the “Zoom-Street dance crew” and the sounds of D.J. Danny Zoom.
For tickets, phone the Sudbury Arena box office at 671-3000.

Grow An Avocado Tree –

Grow An Avocado Tree –

I LOVE AVOCADOS so when I found out I could grow a plant from the pit I was super excited.  I don’t think it will grow fruit in my cold climate but at least I can grow plants 🙂

Grow An Avocado Tree!

Grow an Avocado Tree!

There’s nothing more fun than growing your own Avocado Tree!
“How do I do it?”

Open the avocado and remove the pit from the center. You can eat the fruit of the avocado, it’s yummy and is full of nutrients!*

Wash the avocado pit under cool running water, you don’t need soap to clean it. With your fingers gently wipe away and remove any of the green fruit that might be on the pit. Rinse it well and then blot it dry with a paper towel.

Carefully push three toothpicks into the thickest width of avocado, you want to push the toothpicks into the pit about a 1/2″ deep. (It’s okay if you push them in deeper or even a little less) The toothpicks will help suspend the avocado pit in water and keep the top part of the pit in fresh air and the fat base of the pit under the surface of the water. Be careful pushing in the toothpicks, they have pointy edges and could hurt if they poke your hands, it’s all right to ask a grown-up to help with this.

Suspend the pit over a glass filled with water….the toothpicks will rest on the rim of the glass and hold the pit in place so it doesn’t sink to the bottom. Always check the water level in the glass and see that the water is covering the fat base of the pit by about an inch depth. If the water is below that level you’ll need to add some more. Slowly and carefully pour in more water from a small cup to avoid splashing.

Place the glass in a bright windowsill. In about three to six weeks the top of the avocado pit will begin to split and a stem sprout will emerge from the top and roots will begin to grow at the base.

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