Master Cleanse

People are asking about the MC so here it is.  This is for information only. Do at your own risk.

I personally feel better and more motivated after doing the Master Cleanse.  It is a detox and weight-loss is simply a bonus.

Buy lots of lemons and maple syrup #2 or grade B, from a health food store. Grocery store usually only has #1 or Grade A. You want B or C.and cayenne pepper. Also need herbal laxative tea and unionized sea salt (should be grayish) also from a health food store.

I mix mine in a liter size mason jar. I squeeze the lemon through a strainer into a measuring cup and add usually about 1 – 1.5 oz the I add the same of the syrup.

Juice from 2 lemons equal amount of maple syrup (or a bit less)dash of cayenne fill with water put on lid shake and drink with straw.

Drink 2 -4 jars of that a day and as much water as you want.You can also drink peppermint tea.

Then you drink the herbal laxative tea at bedtime.In the morning do the Salt Water Flush or have another herbal laxative tea.

Salt Water Flush (2 tsp unionized sea salt 1 liter of water warmed slightly mix drink all at once… wait.. then run to the bathroom several times) definitely cleans you out. Be prepared to wait about an hour and spend about an hour close to a bathroom. Sometimes more.

Here is a copy of the original book

You do it for 10 days up to 40 (craziness). I’ve done 14 but usually aim for 10.

When coming off you start with a day of only fresh squeezed OJ. Then veggie soup and/or salad the next day.

Good Luck!!

Potatoes and Beets

I made this up! So yummy and no pot to clean.

Potatoes and Beets

1 turn oven to 400
2 lay sheet of tin foil
3 spray with pam or olive oil
4 add sliced potatoes
5 add sliced beets
6 add sliced onion
7 add pinch or sea salt & pepper
8 add spice or herbs of your choice
9 add one table spoon butter (for vegan use olive oil)
10 back 30 mins
11 dump on plate and enjoy

By Rayvin Nyte


I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been busy on other people projects and just life in general.  But I just got a message from Cabby Ken He said “Be careful what you ask 4…Don’t be sick anymore..Please.” And pointed to my blog.  And I had been sick a few times over the winter since leaving that as my last post.

Well I am not sick.  I am feally healthy and changed and ready tune up for new spring projects.  I restarted eating 98% raw vegan on March 1 and as of this morning I had released 4 lbs! (yep 4 lbs in one day!) I’ve been meeting new interesting people and connecting with past amazing friends.  Life is great.

Bring on the spring!!

I’ve Been Sick for Over a Week!

The last 2-3 week I have not been raw and I was sick (due to a virus) because I was not raw… my body took a long time to fight off the virus and I’ve had no energy. So my house is a disaster. Especially my kitchen. It’s so messy I don’t even know where to start!

Yes I do.. I’ve started by committing back to raw food. As I get a few raw meals in me and start to cleanse out the other junk my energy will rise and my focus will return. And I will regain my health. Then I’ll tackle my kitchen one item at a time. And all of the other projects that I am now behind in will get caught up this week as well.

I’ve also joined the YMCA so I can start working out as well. That will really help me to release some extra weight that I don’t need anymore! I bought a laptop as well. Because most of the work I do is on the computer and this will me I can get out of my office more often and still get stuff done. I can head to the Internet café to meet clients.
I can work in bed. I can take a road trip and still work! Ahh the freedom! Now to get a passport!

I hope everyone is doing well on their journeys to Wellness!!!

Work On Wellness

Eating Your Way to Better Health –

Eating Your Way to Better Health

By Erin J. Shea

Photo: Beth Berry

In March 2008, Beth Berry was very sick. Her body was wracked with pain so severe she spent most days in bed. She suffered from a herniated disc, but more troubling, Berry’s doctor diagnosed her with fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disorder characterized by widespread joint and muscle pain.

“I was given a 90-count bottle of Vicodin,” Berry says. “I got mad. I was pissed, and kept saying: ‘That’s it? Just take narcotics for the rest of my life? I’m only 38 years old!'”

Instead of filling the prescription, Berry pored over the latest research on the benefits of diet and nutrition on autoimmune disorders and learned about the successes people suffering from symptoms similar to hers were having with raw food diets. “That’s when the real journey began,” she says. “Within three days of being on raw food, almost all of my symptoms had gone away.”

In an era of ever-rising healthcare costs and increased attention to holistic, organic living practices, using diet and nutrition to treat disease and illness has become more popular than ever. Raw foods, probiotics and macrobiotics are just some of the diets people are following on the path to better health.

What Is a Raw Food Diet?

According to Berry, a raw food diet consists of removing all processed foods from the diet; eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, avocado and young coconuts; and avoiding any foods that have been cooked at higher than 105 degrees. The idea is that raw food is easier to digest and expends less energy in digesting and more in cleansing and healing the body.

Click here for full article: Raw Food, Probiotic and Macrobiotic Diets –