Potatoes and Beets

I made this up! So yummy and no pot to clean.

Potatoes and Beets

1 turn oven to 400
2 lay sheet of tin foil
3 spray with pam or olive oil
4 add sliced potatoes
5 add sliced beets
6 add sliced onion
7 add pinch or sea salt & pepper
8 add spice or herbs of your choice
9 add one table spoon butter (for vegan use olive oil)
10 back 30 mins
11 dump on plate and enjoy

By Rayvin Nyte

Who’s Greener??

A vegan driving an SUV or a meat-eater driving an Eco-car?
I don’t even want to eat the “fake” mean  ick!!
I’ll stick to being a Vegan, thank you!

WholeFu Day 2 Superfood Green Smoothie

Well I joined the Whole Fu 100 Day Raw Food Challenge yesterday and here I am on Day two.  I made a Superfood Green Smoothie Recipe.  And it was great!!!  Kept me going most of the day!  Before the smoothie I had a banana, 32 oz of water with some fibre and msm power in it. Then I had 36 oz of the smoothie and 16 oz of water. And that’s all.   it’s 1:03 AM and I’m going to have a few olives then head to bed.

It’s been a great day! I had a Multifaith meeting and reconnected with an old friend.

WholeFu Day 2 – http://rawfu.com

via YouTube – WholeFu Day 2 Superfood Green Smoothie.